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Problems With Current Residence Management System in Malaysia

Managing a residence in Malaysia quite a daunting task. When management is unable to handle particular conditions, problems often arise. Even if they subscribe to a residence management system out there, still cannot guarantee the usefulness. Here are five issues that arise frequently when managing a residence.

Utilizing IoT for smarter solution


We developed an integrated set of solutions to make your residence smarter. Your residence is now well-organized and equipped with only the powerful tools thanks to MYREDS. From better security control, feedback management, and even your bookkeeping or day-to-day duties, we have you covered.

Why You Should Use MyREDS For
Your Residential Needs

optimize management tasks

Admin panel for your management team to control all functions such as billing, reports, facility booking and etc.

Faster registration process

Just Scan & Go! Our scanner will scan visitor's details from their smartphone and barrier gate will automatically open. Let's go paperless!

Low cost maintenance

We managed to reduce manufacturing and installation costs with low budget as well as affordable price.

Our Product

MYREDS is one of the best residence management system in Malaysia that cover almost everything in a single system. It is fully develop by Malaysian professional developers to help admin manage their residence.

MYREDS have three components and together MYREDS optimize management process and improve communication between the security guards, residents and management team in any residence. With just a few clicks, it makes things easier for everyone and is packed with features!

Admin Dashboard

A powerful cloud-based system for residence management. Got packs of useful features specially built for resedence management.

Security Guard

Able to do adhoc registration for non-registered visitor such as Foodpanda, GrabFood, Parcel Delivery & etc.


Superapp for resident where everything is in a single app. E.g: Facility booking, pay bills, register event & etc.

Let MYREDS automate your

Barrier Gate

Automated barrier gates are the best solution especially in Malaysia. They are the first line of security which will help to control the security. These gates will be integrated with our advance gate controller and QR scanner. This type of gate system will open automatically when the visitors scan their MYREDS QR code on our QR scanner.

Scan visitor QR code
QR scanner verify
Barrier gate auto open

Just Scan & Go! Everything will be done in just 3 seconds. Visitors can do it by themselves without getting out from their car. Then what about security guards? Just observe from their guard post in case anyhing happen. Easy.


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Bring safer solutions and a brand-new way to live in Malaysia neighbourhood.


Let's install MYREDS system at your residence

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