MYREDS, a Malaysian digital solution for residence management system, allows you to manage your residence more efficiently. MYREDS allows you to take control of your residence at your convenience.

The Best Residential Management System with:

Mobile User

What is


MYREDS (Resident Easy Decision System) is a residence management system that every residence in Malaysia can use to better manage their residential area.

This software primarily replaces the conventional logbook method by utilizing autonomous technologies.

Residence Admin

Manage residence efficiently by taking control every tasks better manage each case systematically.

Security Guard

Improved security experience and increased efficiency


Enjoy the true experience of MYREDS where everything embedded into a single apps.

MYREDS Features

Web Panel for Admin

Here, admin able to do almost everything. From view overall data, export for report, enable online payment for residents maintenance fee and many more!

Mobile App for Resident

Our apps will match the colour theme of your residence, and the logo will be altered to your own logo to reflect your identity.

Some features that MYREDS have in apps are:

Mobile App for Guard

We will provide a rugged smartphone installed with MYREDS for security guard. Our simple UI makes it easy for any person to use it with minimal supervise. One glance and they know how to use it like a pro.

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