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Looking for a perfect all-in-one residence management system with a good reputation and price? Then you are in the right place! Introducing, MYREDS for Residence Admin, a powerful web tools for you. We developed an integrated portfolio of solutions to make your residence management smarter. Your residence is now well-maintained and equipped with only the best instruments in the residence management system area thanks to MYREDS.

Admin Dashboard for Residence Management System

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Admin dashboard will display all important content for your residence management such as:

  • Visitors graph: Overview overall monthly visitors for each category.
  • Resident’s Maintenance Payment: Total bills for your residents.
  • Latest Bulletin: Show list of latest bulletin posted by admin to all residents and guards.
  • Events: List of events and date approved by admin.
  • Other details

Use to broadcast any news, updates, reminder or notice to all residents. Useful if you want to broadcast to all of your residents at the same time.

Residents’ reports will be shown here. You can update report status and the updated report will notify the reporter.

View & search details of visitors. Export function just in case there is a police case happened in your residence.

View Residents’ payment history & status. Able to send notification to outstanding balance users.

And many other useful features implemented in our MYREDS focusing on residence management system. Contact us for more info!


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