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A visitor is an outsider who may jeopardise the security and peace of the living environment. A raucous guest might wreak havoc or even damage other neighbours, and theft can occur if not properly monitored. Nonetheless, many residents choose to utilise the traditional logbook technique to control guests. When guests come, the security officer will ask for identification in order to record their information in a logbook. The visitor’s arrival time is then recorded by the security guard. Everything is kept in the logbook for future reference if something happens.

The issue with this manual approach is that it is prone to errors. In a rush, the security personnel may record the facts poorly. Besides, using a logbook takes time since visitors must get out of their cars to register or by giving his/her driving licence to the security. And, at busy times, such as weekends, the wait becomes longer, much to the annoyance of visitors. Worse, it is difficult to find dated information in a logbook.

To counter all these problems, MYREDS also offer system for security guard. They can register unlimited ad hoc visitors (e.g.: E-Hailing, Contractor, food delivery such as Foodpanda, GrabFood & etc) just using our provided rugged smartphone only. The data will be recorded automatically in MYREDS admin panel and you can view them from there.

App for security guard​

Security guard will use our durable smartphone with the MYREDS app everywhere, regardless of the weather. Whether it's sunny or raining, our rugged smartphones are powered by the newest Android 12 operating system and can handle everything without losing performance.

App Features

Read bulletin posted by admin residence. Bulletin posted by admin residence will be shown to all residents and guards.

Security guard able to view list of registered visitors together with their details via MYREDS app for guard.

We implement text recognition technologies, OCR in our apps to minimize the visitor registration time. Take a picture of visitor’s driving license, and it will automatically fill in the form.

In MYREDS app for residence, there is an Emergency button to call for help. All emergency request done by residence will notify guards thru our smartphone including their current location.

App screenshot

These are the screenshots of our MYREDS guard apps. Feel free to browse.


Gate controller

We will integrate our MYREDS system together with your current gate controller to simplify the registration process. No more registration waiting time. Just scan & go!

QR scanner

We use industrial grade QR code scanner in our system that able to detect our MYREDS QR code below than 2 seconds. Use MYREDS QR code to scan here and gate will automatically open for them to enter! Registration details? All of them have been recorded in the system.

Gate will automatically open for registered visitors. If the QR code is not valid, it will not open.

Our device is weatherproof. Suitable for Malaysia climate.

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