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MYreds for residents

This MYREDS system meets the demands of users in a variety of ways, including making it simpler for users of walled residential areas or gated residences to be safer and better control the data of visitors or strangers. This system facilitates interactions with security guards, speeds up interactions with exit and entry, provides strong security assurances, and provides certain other services that are beneficial to the residents.

This system has achieved five-star service, and extreme time savings. The MYREDS apps for residents can make it easier for residents to engage in leisure activities and manage other things only in a single apps.

App Features

A powerful system in a user-friendly mobile app. In one glance you will know how to use it like a pro.


Tap if you need help from guard such as robbery, fire or etc that might need attention.


Register your visitor or let them register by themself before coming.

myreds reports


File a report or complaint anything here. Your admin will be notified about this.

myreds features


And many other useful features for residents to use.

myreds events


Book your events to allow multiple visitors coming in.

myreds bills


Check and pay your residence monthly maintenance here.

myreds facilities


Book facilities such as swimming pool, gym, badminton court here.

Apps Screenshot

These are the screenshots of our MYREDS apps for residents.


Let's install MyREDS at your residence

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