Our digital era is all about sharing, and as a result, our originality has suffered as a result. We celebrate and advocate for a free Internet for the exchange and re-exchange of ideas of all kinds. However, while sharing is our basic value, other values, such as credit, are commonly left out of the conversation. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, online material frequently deviates from its original source and takes on a virtual life of its own.

We recognize the hard work artist put toward their artworks because creating content takes a lot of time and effort, which is why we provide links to credit the source. If you wanted us to remove your content / art from our website, or any issue, please contact us.


Credit List

Crediting your sources is a crucial component of having a responsible, trustworthy, and excellent company. It is easier to avoid plagiarism if you credit the materials you utilise.

Some of the images used we add the attribution line next to the image downloaded. Here are the list of attribution images we didn’t put on next to images because it will hinder the design.

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