6 Reasons Why Resident Management Software(RMS) Is So Important for Your Assisted Living Care

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6 Reasons Why Resident Management Software(RMS) Is So Important for Your Assisted Living Care September 26, 2022

Numerous challenges plague assisted living care that it’s come to a point where administrators have no other choice but to look for other, more novel means to keep their respective facilities afloat. Given the complex nature of managing an assisted living facility in these present times, it’s high time for senior care homes to adopt present-day technologies such as assisted living software, scheduling software, electronic health records, etc.

Most managers of an assisted living facility or care home, are well aware of the hurdles associated with their position. Besides boosting sales, they also have to pay attention to the needs and preferences of the residents so as to increase satisfaction. They also have to juggle other essential aspects such as gathering data, scheduling, and keeping communication in place.

“How will a resident management software improve your facility?” That is, probably, one of the first questions that popped in your mind. Here are six valuable reasons why a Resident Management System has become nothing short of indispensable for most elder care homes nowadays.

  1. Assisted living software focuses on raising resident satisfaction.

One of the main reasons for the creation of assisted living management software is rooted in tackling the primary challenges in assisted living head-on. Managing and providing high-quality care is just one of the burdensome problems faced by care homes.

In the end, residential management software can keep the residents safe and comfortable, which are some of the main gauges of the quality of eldercare facilities. The RMS, Genexod for example, actually has a resident tracking feature that keeps in the know about the respective interests and preferences of your facility’s residents.

Furthermore, you can even keep track of their performance via graphs and charts as well as the activities they are participating in. All of these advantages inevitably lead to better resident satisfaction.

  1. It also improves your facility’s sales cycle.

We all know the innate challenge of converting leads, which is more punctuated in an assisted living care facility. An RMS like Genexod actively improves your sales cycles by capturing inquiries made via referrals, phone, and walk-ins, visually notify you when you miss key milestones so you can follow up quickly, and even actively improves conversion by tracking key sales milestones and making focused marketing easier to do and achieve.

Not all resident management software offers these sales perks, of course. The fact that Genexod does so asserts its goal of tackling most of the big challenges faced by elder care facilities.

  1. RMS helps to greatly reduce the expenses of assisted living facilities.

This benefit is more of a general, natural one because this kind of management software optimizes all the main aspects of your assisted living facility. You will be able to greatly improve staff scheduling to such an extent that you will erase any unnecessary shifts and extra staffing expenses. Any management-related activity can be done remotely and won’t need additional office spaces and more workforce. Also, will have the necessary tools to track the residents’ monthly billing.

These reasons are but some of the most compelling if we’re going to talk about the cost-saving benefits of senior housing care management software. When regarded as a whole, you’ll see that most of the features of assisted living care software point to keeping costs down for the entire facility.

  1. Provides patient data gathering and analytics capabilities essential for smooth and improved facility operation.

Besides staff performance, the patient’s vital signs, health-related incidents, resident performance, charts that reveal health trends among patients, and important factors like the patients’ date of admission, health history, daily activities, and other pertinent information can all be collected in a single resident management software. This capability can’t be seen elsewhere, considering all that data can be accessed in seconds.

Having access to data-driven analytics affords managers the ready benefit of not only reduced care cost but also allows you to choose the best services to provide. Data optimizes, in short, and with an RMS, it’s pretty much a guarantee that your facility will make full use of the power of data and enjoy its boons.

  1. It gives residents and employees a lot of leeways to provide much-needed feedback.

We all know that senior care homes would actively give surveys for patients and staff to improve their quality assurance. But, ultimately, such an activity requires proper implementation. It also won’t hurt to keep feedback sharing readily available.

In Genexod, you can easily develop a feedback-oriented facility because of its numerous, open communication channels. The ready availability of and creation of different kinds of resident- or employee-related reports also allows you to keep tabs of what needs to be improved in your care home.

Feedback will always be essential because it is what should give direction to how you will improve your facility so the majority, if not all, of residents, will find it to their liking. RMS, simply put, keep feedback channels open, so to speak.

  1. You get to save plenty of time and effort when managing your facility.

Who doesn’t want to have reduced managerial burdens, especially when handling a sizable senior care home with hundreds of staff and residents? From automated notification systems, alerts, and reminders to making regular compliance reports and reporting incidents to family members and the state, such important administrative processes are integrated in an RMS in such a way that it greatly streamlines all of them.


Perhaps, the icing on the cake with regards to the value of RMS to assisted living care is that it is very easy to use and get the hang of for most owners. And, again, you need not look further than Genexod’s system to see this.

If there’s ever an ultimate solution to most senior care homes’ management woes, no other platform probably deserves to be compared to a Swiss Army knife in terms of efficiency, responsiveness to crises, and ability to deliver tangible results. Even the most difficult hurdles can be overcome as long as all its features are used to the fullest.

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